environmentally friendly

A cost-effective solution

The installation of a special boiler for wood pellets is worthwhile not only in new buildings, but also in old houses where a conversion of an existing heating system is planned. The estimated annual fuel savings using pellets instead of oil in a new home with a living space of 120 m² can be up to 40%.

Taking into account the fact that the efficiency of the new wood pellet boilers is on average about 50 % higher than the old coal-fired boilers, wood pellets generate more heat than the same amount of carbon. An additional advantage is that this type of heating is very straightforward. Boilers suitable for pellets are readily available on the market as they do not differ from fuel oil boilers. The switch to wood pellets requires no modification or conversion of an existing heating system.

Price example: a wood pellet boiler with a capacity of up to 25 kW costs about 3,500 Euros. The boiler capacity is sufficient to heat an old house with a living space of 150 m² or a well-insulated, modern building with an area of 350 m². The investment is recovered in a couple of years. Modern wood pellet boilers provide virtually maintenance-free usage.

Safety and comfort

Unlike other fuels, wood pellets burn very efficiently and are also completely resistant to auto-ignition or uncontrolled flare-ups which cause a fire hazard. In contrast to coke, briquette or coal fired boilers, wood pellet boilers are easy to handle. A tank customized for pellets with a capacity of around 250 l provides almost maintenance free usage - refills every 7 to 10 days are quite sufficient. Ash removal is necessary only every few weeks because ash content is very low.

Easy storage

The smooth surface of the pellets prevents the assimilation of moisture from the atmosphere so they are very easy to store. The granular mass simplifies storage and the automatic refilling of the furnace or boiler. The amount of ash produced by combustion is so low it is sufficient to remove it once every three months.

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